Strubklamm : Canyoning in Wiestal, Salzburgerland with Tauernhof

Yesterday, late afternoon an invitation was offered up, to join the Tauernhof group to go canyoning,  little did I know what I was letting myself in for. ( I was only thinking about the photographic opportunity of course not my safety or sanity.) Wishing to bring the tripod and the usual landscape equipment I take normally, Andi explain it wouldn't survive the terrain.  I organised the night before to borrow a waterproof Olympus Camera nothing special just a point and shot.

On arrival,  the Strubklamm has no nice wooden walkways nor steel steps for walking or is there any easy access either.  Maybe a few ropes to hang on to once you get into the heart of the gorge, that's it. There was nothing for it, except a wetsuit, a helmet and a bucket load of courage. In threes we abseiled down into the ravine.

The camera remained watertight, tricky to focus while in water due to the motion of the river. There was much swimming involved, when I could find a rock to stand on to remain still I got a few useful pictures. Nonetheless it was about capturing nature and the real fun we had. I think the techincalities of using my landscape camera are difficult and would involve considerable planning and assistance for others. (Andy McInroy would be the guy to talk to concerning this - see his photographs of Irish Sea Caves)

One of the highlight of the tour through the canyon was when we stopped in the middle of a long passageway to take a moment to sing a hymn. I sing as well as I swim, that is badly however the rest of group made up for my inadequacies.

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